Thursday, March 1, 2007

Traffic in Vietnam is the worst we’ve seen! Much worse than Bangkok, worse than riding a motorcycle all around India, even worse than the costal highway in Israel on weekends!
Millions of 10-year old maturity on scooters, zigzagging, thinking it’s a computer game, and crossing a junction is a bonus. Very quickly we removed the flags from our trailers, because the locals thought it was part of the game.
We hoped the inland route, up in the hills, will be better.
And then we reached Ho-Chi-Minh highway! A new road, 2 lanes (wow!), well paved, and most important – no traffic! But, we mean – NO TRAFFIC!
Gal’s theory: as apposed to other roads, which connect villages& towns (people use the road to go from one town to the other), this road was built on the historic Ho-Chi-Minh trail (no a concrete highway), not between villages, but through the mountains.
No villages = no traffic!

Not much to say, just 400 km of beautiful scenery, all in a winter, gloomy, wet atmosphere (adds to the mood & good for cycling – not warm ;-)

where's the road? it's not on the map...

a rest

Sugar land
The town sewer, and the window of our hotel on the right ;-(

what a 'hirbe'!

the view from our room

What happened to our MSR pot?

the sun, after more than a week of clouds.